Choosing the proper vacuum cleaner

It takes more than reading the features on the side of a box, taking the recommendation of a friend, or watching a fancy television commercial to choose the proper vacuum for your particular needs. With so many to choose from and all the pros and cons, knowing the difference can help you invest in just the right vacuum for your home.

What types of areas and surfaces are you going to be cleaning? There are many surfaces to consider: carpeted and bare flooring, upholstered furniture, wooden furniture, blinds, sills, drapes, baseboards, etc. Even the air that you breathe is a consideration when choosing a vacuum. Paying attention to the various areas and surfaces you clean help determine the right vacuum for you.

Types of machines
The vacuum industry has a vast array of machines suited for different styles of cleaning. They manufacture everything from hand vacuums to central vacuums for the entire house. Below is a partial listing of key features.

Uprights are the most popular vacuums today for cleaning carpeted flooring. They come with or without tools and a variety of accessories. They are convenient to use with wall to wall carpeting, but are limited in their ability to get under furniture, don’t easily clean steps, and work poorly on bare floors. We do not recommend them for wood floors.

Canisters are the most versatile, portable vacuums, and can be equipped with a variety of tools to meet specific needs, such as a power nozzle for plusher carpet. Canisters are lighter in the hand and can reach areas that are difficult to clean, under furniture and toe kicks under cabinets, for example. Canisters have more suction with tools, so they can be used for a variety of cleaning situations. Canisters require more storage space, with the addition of a power nozzle.

Central Vacuums:
The most powerful vacuums available for a variety of surfaces, they offer quiet operation, and remove all dust from the area being cleaned. Central vacuums also add to the resale value of a home. They do require the user to drag a long hose behind them, which may not be convenient for everyone.

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